BOK CenterSmart Growth Tulsa is pleased to publish a survey, providing an opportunity for participants to indicate which Vision 2025 Extension proposals they would like our elected officials to put on the spring ballot. After receiving presentations totaling $2.5 Billion from 120 individuals and organizations, the City Council must now decide which ones will compete for as little as $600 million in revenue.

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Tough choices will have to be made. The goal is to select the highest priority projects that offer the greatest return on investment, improve the community’s quality of life and most fairly serve the broadest number of Tulsa residents. Councilors have heard from a lot of proponents but now they need to hear from voters, so they can construct a winning ballot by determining which projects enjoy the most public support. It will be a daunting and challenging task, but Smart Growth Tulsa believes you deserve to have a voice in which projects make the final cut.

Announcing the “One for all, all for one (cent) vision campaign”

As a part of our efforts to develop this survey for you, it has become clear many worthy projects will not get funded if we stick to the current .6% tax. After careful consideration and consultation with many of our leadership team members, we have decided to support an option that would allow survey participants to consider encouraging city councilors to reinstate the full 1% sales tax originally approved by Vision 2025 voters but not collected when Boeing Aircraft incentives were not collected or dispersed after the manufacturer chose another assembly site.

Going back to a full penny option would provide revenues of nearly $1 Billion and offer the possibility of securing much needed permanent dedicated funding for public safety, transportation and parks, but still leave up $500 million for visionary game changing economic development, quality of life and arts and culture projects to continue the momentum from the original Vision package.

We are not forcing this on anyone, but merely asking if this is something the citizens of Tulsa would feel comfortable supporting. Participants will be given the option to support or not support the increase when completing the survey. All of the relevant data including comments will be forwarded to the mayor and city council to assist them in finalizing a ballot.

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