renderingSmart Growth Tulsa advocates for quality and affordable housing in safe neighborhoods for people of all income levels. There is growing demand nationwide for housing in walkable neighborhoods with access to public transportation, parks and civic spaces.  The entire community benefits when we create a wide range of housing choices—whether it’s garden apartments, row houses, or a traditional suburban homes, allowing everyone to benefit.

Tulsa enjoys some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the country but the variety of housing options has been limited.  As baby boomers continue to age there will be an increasing demand for alternatives to single family detached homes in favor of more multi-family homes. A better supply of economically diverse and healthy neighborhoods will help Tulsa attract new businesses, people, investment and jobs.

A National Association of Realtors and Smart Growth America survey revealed Americans favor communities with shorter commute times and more places to walk more than sprawling communities.  A diverse mix of housing options in smart growth neighborhoods – including single-family homes of all sizes, duplexes, small and large apartments, studios above garages or shops, condominiums, and lofts – means people with different housing needs can all live in the same neighborhood and those residents can remain in a neighborhood even if their housing needs change. This strategy helps homes retain and increase their value.

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