vision-tulsa-survey-box-revisedTwo years in the making, the Vision Tulsa package comes to a vote on April 5th. Take our survey and share your feelings about the proposition based upon what you know now.

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Smart Growth Tulsa is pleased to provide this opportunity for you to experience what it feels like to make your choices, BEFORE you must actually enter the voting booth.

Vision Tulsa will contain three major parts totaling $884 million for voters to consider. The total package represents 0.55 percent of Vision 2025’s expiring .06% tax. A fourth ballot question, proposed by Tulsa County will ask voters to approve the remaining .05 percent for county projects.

About a third of the tax, or around $272 million, is set aside as a permanent tax for public safety in order to provide funding for approximately 160 new police officers, 70 new firefighters and 16 new 911 and street maintenance personnel, among other additions.

About $102 million during the first 15 years would become permanent dedicated funding for transportation. Forty-four percent of that would go towards street maintenance and the balance would finance expansion of Tulsa’s transit system, funding both operations and capital.

The remaining $510.6 million would fund economic development initiatives including Arkansas River infrastructure, Gilcrease Museum and Tulsa Zoo renovations, improvements to the Cox Business Center and Expo Square along with other projects throughout the city.

The $75 million Tulsa County proposition would fund road and bridge work, parks and quality of life projects and begin to address antiquated Tulsa County Courthouse buildings and parking deficiencies.

In the coming weeks, Smart Growth Tulsa will be publishing a series of columns on our blog site which will also be shared in social media. The articles will be designed to help you better understand the details of these tax proposals; how they were conceived, how well they conform to Tulsa’s previously adopted plans and if approved, how they will impact you. So, please “Like” our Facebook Page and sign up for our Newsletter for all the latest. Now, have some fun and take our survey.


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